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My Story

My story starts off a little differently than most...


On May 24th, 1986, I was born into this world looking a little extraordinary than most babies. Born with a complete cleft lip & palate, my parents knew I would have more challenges than most growing up. Fast forward to 3 years later when they were told that I have a ganglioglioma brain tumor. Through 3 1/2 years of chemo and radiation, my medical team had successfully shrunk my tumor. I have thankfully had very few side effects from the tumor. 


34 wonderful years have gone by and I have been blessed to live a pretty normal life. I was an athlete in almost every sport that my schools had to offer. Soccer became my most beloved sport which I have continued to play up until the day of my stroke. After high school, I went on to graduate college from the University of Toledo. After college, I  was blessed to have met my incredible wife, Amanda. Little did I know, our marriage vows were going to be put to the test rather quickly of being married. 


On the morning of May 21st, 2018 I suffered a devastating stroke. In the beginning, my symptoms were very mild and I had no idea what was happening to me. I felt numbness, and pins and needles on the left side of my body. I experienced different levels of confusion and a sense of vertigo that progressively got worse. Amanda knew something serious was wrong with and got me to the hospital that evening. By 2:00 am that night my body had gone into complete paralysis. I could not speak, I could not eat, and I could not move my entire left side. That really was the scariest day of my life. The next day when I woke up in the hospital I knew that there was only one option going forward, I was never ever going to give up. I was going to work as hard as I could. I knew that whatever the doctor was going to tell me, I was going to work and work and work until I couldn't work anymore. For me, that seems to be the magic bullet.


Working hard and never giving up along with fueling your body and having the right mindset will absolutely lead you to success. A major motivation for me was having the support of my loving wife and outpouring love and encouragement from my family and friends.


Everyone's stroke is different and everyone's needs are unique. Give me the opportunity to travel with you on this journey and hopefully I can be some help to you along the way.


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Everyone has different needs and has gone through unique experiencesThat is Exactly where we fit in. The Disconnect between Discharge and going home to., What Now! We can provide that personal touch that you need to help you get your own program working with your Life

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