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How do we as stroke survivors find our way when we come home from the hospital?

Our therapists show us what to do and how to do it with the proper tools in their rehab facility. The downside of this is the fact our therapists are not with us in our own home where we do not have access to the tools and resources we would elsewhere.


Stroke Fit LLC offers personalized virtual stroke rehabilitation services to stroke survivors worldwide. Our platform provides digital therapy tools, therapists, and progress tracking to improve motor function, balance, and cognitive abilities. Our convenient and affordable virtual platform allows users to receive therapy from the comfort of their homes. We also offer virtual support groups, online forums, and educational resources to keep stroke survivors motivated and engaged. At Stroke Fit LLC, we believe that virtual stroke therapy is the future of stroke rehabilitation, and we are committed to providing the best possible care to our users.



We at Stroke Fit LLC are true fans of unconventional therapy.

Everyone is different and may need a different approach.



At Stroke Fit LLC we strive to make

your body STRONGER,

your state of mind CLEARER,

and your overall quality of life BETTER. 






Owner of Stroke Fit LLC.


Since my own stroke in 2018, I have been committed to achieving my full potential by getting back out there and enjoying life.




Recovery Coach Specialist


After surviving an intracerebral hemorrhage in 2020, my main goal has been to educate others on stroke recovery and avoidance strategies. 




Recovery Coach Analyst


"How am I going to be the best at wheelchair basketball..." I, a former collegiate athlete,  thought to myself after nearly losing all the blood in my body during a 14-hour brain surgery.

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Everyone has different needs and has gone through unique experiences. That is exactly where we fit in. The Disconnect between Discharge and going home to., What Now! We can provide that personal touch that you need to help you get your own program working with your Life



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