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-Neale Mahon-

-Owner StrokeFitInc.-

Since my stroke in 2018, I have been committed to getting back out and enjoying life, and achieving my full potential. 
I am committed to helping those fellow stroke survivors do the same through unconventional and conventional therapies. Together we can accomplish much more than ever thought possible. Let us travel with you on this road we call Recovery and Beyond.


-Kent Bragg-

-Recovery Coach Specialist-

After surviving an intracerebral hemorrhage in 2020, my goal is to educate others in recovery and avoidance strategies. Knowing firsthand the challenges stroke victims face when the physical therapy sessions come to an end, I am committed to implementing techniques developed over a lifetime of physical fitness training, competitive running, and military experience. Since my stroke, I have finished seven 5k races and one half-marathon, all with the goal of spreading my message to others about the importance of mental and physical wellness.


-Lindsay Vos-
-Recovery Coach Analyst-
“How am I going to be the best at wheelchair basketball,” the former collegiate athlete thought to herself after losing nearly all the blood in her body during a 14 hour brain surgery due to a softball size AVM rupture resulting in left side paralysis and a 2 month hospital stay. She is now running, working full time as a recreational therapist in the neuro population, & boxing 3 days a week. She is all about teamwork, consistent exercise,  and mental toughness with a focus on physical activities, traveling, and the great outdoors. Let’s work together and improve our quality of life

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