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The Disconnect

What do we as stroke survivors when we come home from the hospital? The therapist tells us what to do but they are not at the home with us using the tools that we have at our disposal. They are doing their best. This is where Stroke Fit Inc comes in. We will work with you in your interest only. There are so many different ways to do therapy it can be extremely overwhelming and exhausting.  We understand the disconnect because we have been there. 



We are fans of unconventional therapy. Everyone is different and may need a different approach. At Stroke Fit Inc we will strive to make your body stronger, your state of mind clearer and your overall quality of life better. 

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Everyone has different needs and has gone through unique experiences. That is exactly where we fit in. The Disconnect between Discharge and going home to., What Now! We can provide that personal touch that you need to help you get your own program working with your Life



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